Monday, May 11, 2009

Which is why you never fix two things in a weekend

So my super awesome plan for the weekend was to fix the oil breather hose on the car.  Hoses are pretty low key as repairs go.

The car had been have some weird idle issues but no error code, so something was wrong someplace without a sensor.  But that hardly narrows the field.  But Chester found a hole in the oil breather hose last weekend.  

The dealerships wanted 73-88 dollars for the hose, Metric Auto Parts on Smith Ave in St Paul had the best price and with tax the hose ran 71.xx.  

Then this morning I had scheduled an oil change and to get two tires put on the car because the Sam's Club specials that it had were quickly balding (I didn't buy the tires). So the car has a new hose, fresh oil, and brand spankign new tires,

Heading North on Marion have just left Kellog in St Paul, were in the middle lane And this guy heading South on Marion wanting to enter I94 East cuts in front of us.

Busted the headlight, crimped the hood something awful, busted the bumper, and caved in the fender. The Passenger front door doesn't open now because the fender is pressing against it.

pictures to follow.

Monday, May 4, 2009

crowd serfing

it was a nice weekend though.

We went to see Flight of the Conchords and it was an awesome show.

somebody pulled the fire alarm just as the last people were filing in to find their seats, so everyone had to evacuate the building.  but of course, since it was just before the concert the "be-yooup" sound was largely mistaken for part of the opening act.  further delaying the evacuation.

The stage performance was even better than the tv show, and they heckled the hecklers. he he he madam.

today I picked up tickets to see Gogol Bordello at the Cabooze.  I'm excited for some wild crowd surfing.

Last night we were talking about the amazing capital that parking garages are.  and how owning rights to bands and the venue and the parking lot across the street would make for some wicked bank roll.

epic failure

So I tried to make hashbrowns this morning.

boy did it go wrong. I didn't use enough oil or heat, and then I worried them to death.

What I did produce was something crispy on the outside, resembling library paste on the inside. Which since breakfast has turned my stomach like a cement mixer.