Sunday, April 3, 2011

Crazy talk

So we're thinking about some bike camping in the mountains of Montana, and I'm thinking about putting racks on the Instigator. "Wait what," you say. "that has no braze ons for racks" you say.

yes. The Instigator has no handy braze ons for racks or fenders (yes there is an eyelet where nothing can reach, for all the good it is).

The instigator may not be the first bike a person thinks of when it comes to camping. But it takes everything in stride when it comes to rocks and bumps. Last summer I took it camping successfully in Wisconsin. So there.

So now I need to figure out a way to pack my half of the gear on a bike without any way to bolt in.

I'm riding rigid, and have the beasty Instigator fork. Today I happened to be perusing the Salsa website, and noticed that the Enabler fork is less than an inch taller and only 2mm more rake. And so I says to myself: "AHA!"

I'll use the conduit clamps to attach a rear rack, but now I'll be able to switch the bike to disc brakes, carry my portion and maybe not go broke...