Sunday, January 25, 2009

pub crawl

SO we went on the HC pub crawl.  And there was a high degree of awesome.

not a high degree of warm, but people were interesting and the food and drink were excellent.

I strongly suggest the tulburg.  Some wicked awseome dutch beer.

more as I am sober

Monday, January 19, 2009

shod in shoes for shlumping through the shnow

So I "accidentally" didn't use all of my vacation time last year (I had reasons for saving a day but that's another story), and took a Saturday off to balance the time out.

Saturday Chester and I went to bike around Lake Harriet.  And I went to the wrong lake.  There wasn't too much confusion since we were car pooling, but we did lunch at Isles Buns and Coffee.  The wind was wicked on the south end of the lake.  And the snow drifts on the lake made it almost completely impassable.  We walked much of the way across.

The folks at Isles make wicked good espresso.  I place the Mocha between Brewberry's and Black Dog.  

Saturday night we went to Let the Right One In.  I don't remember the last movie we liked enough to see 4 times in the theatre.  This one was totally worth seeing four times.

Yesterday we biked to the Town Hall Brewery.

And today we went snowshoeing in Eagan.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Breaking Point

To whom it may concern:
In the Gold Buick Century LEGxxx, White Toyota Highlander UAVxxx, and the White Jeep Liberty and all the other folks out there to kill me recently, I'm done putting up with your shit.

From this point on every attempted vehicular manslaughter will be reported directly to the police.

You have been warned.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Even Murdoch's minions cannot deny it

So a friend posted an article from the other New York paper.  

Seems basic accounting is coming in vogue again.  Buckets with holes in the bottom are bad vessels.  Having spent an unholy amount of money on cars this past year I strongly agree: cars are a drain on resources.

Honestly.  As durable goods go, cars suck.  In a year we've dealt with a transmission, bearings, brakes and head gaskets.  We had one car die and another have a heart attack.  

If only it were easier to get across the river.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I've never been hugely into resolutions.  I've never worried too much about my weight.  I've never been too heavy into vices.  So my resolution is to keep better track.

Track of what?


Today we did a shake down ride on Shannon's winter bike.  Seems the rear brake needs "adjustment."  or a whole new unit.  The left caliper has no springiness.  So far this year my milage on the bike: > 1 mile.

Unofficial Goal: 2,009 miles