Friday, February 29, 2008

evasive maneuvers!

This is an awesome loaf of bread.  Sadly it was the only picture that worked.  I've told people before that our camera gets about 1000 pictures between charges.  And just about 1000 frames from the last, pththth.  Shoulda seen it coming.
This was taken from across the room using a Tamron 70-300 telephoto lens set to Macro. I am a firm  believer in natural light so the exposure was 3.2 seconds. 

Here's a picture of our cat. Shot similarly: long lens, slow exposure.  It was a lot harder to shoot
 though.  Loaves of bread do not get up and stalk string.  Herbie isn't camera shy though, he just moves around a lot.  

Thursday, February 28, 2008


I would like to apologize for the terrible pun in the title for this blog.  I wanted a clever title that someone would remember, and this one popped in there.  Like the Staypuffed Marshmallow Man.  He could never ever possibly destroy us...

Photo is from Ghostbusters copyright year I don't remember

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I need to rewrap my handle bars.  I've switched from the noodle bars it came with originally to a set of steel mustachios bars.  My wife is better at wrapping them though, so if I'm really nice maybe she will.
This will bring the original parts count to 4, if you don't count things like bolts or bearings.  
Though I keep count, I don't actually mind the dwindling number.  When I got the bike it was hanging in a shed, missing a wheel and most of the components were rusted solid.  The frame was in great shape though, and much of the rust it has now is from winter biking since then.  
I like biking during the winter.  This one has been more bitterly cold than last 
year, but we have still clocked some miles.  The trails are for the most part pretty empty, and the folks who are on the trails are statistically more friendly.  Of course that is Minnesota friendly, where a "Good morning" is answered in kind.  I suppose that is a superficial way to determine friendliness but considering how snarky some people can be, I'll take the smiles I can get. 

Just today I had a customer thank me for being pleasant about fixing a ring my company made.  We saw it as something that we needed to do.   Without getting into too many details, the ring needed to be rhodium plated but our solution had been polluted.  So the plating on the ring turned a dark grey, rather than staying bright white.  By replacing the solution and being diligent about cleaning rings more completely the darkened plating should not be a problem again.  It isn't a problem to fix some things and being pleasant is part of customer service.

I don't think that this is limited to retail, I think that if people are pleasant everything moves more smoothly.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

For dinner tonight we made stir-fried shrimp. While the shrimp was good, the major discovery was in the rice.  Usually it is either dry as sand, or halfways to pudding.  But THIS time, perfect fluffy grains.  Victory is ours.

Though I do like a good rice pudding... with raspberrys and cinnamon. 

Hi There

I don't bike competitively, but for my own health and enjoyment.  A few years back I commuted by bike, and when the weather turns around I think I might again.  I just haven't decided yet.

Right now my holdings in bicycles is at an all time low.  Last fall I gave away my mountain bike to thank a friend for helping me move across town.  The bike I ride most is a Peugeot U08.  There are few original parts though.  I also have an old Schwinn American single speed with coaster breaks.  Both weigh round 30 lbs depending what else I am carrying.  stripped down to the essentials I think the Peugeot is a heavy 20, but with tool wedge, rack, water, food, camera and tripod, etc. It weighs in a bit more than that.

My wife and I cook a lot.  So there will be pictures of our dinners and baked goods.